Directional Services

D&R Directional Services is comprised of a team of experienced and skilled directional drillers who focus on new and efficient ways to meet even the most complex project requirements.

Survey Management

The ability to locate a wellbore’s past, present and future position is a fundamental element of Directional Drilling. By obtaining a directional survey, D&R is able to acquire the inclination, azimuth and various other measurements that allow us to project and measure the wellbore attitude and toolface position, subsequently transmitting that information to the surface, or storing it for retrieval upon return to the surface.

As more diverse and complex wells are attempted by our customers, we know and appreciate the significance of our survey technology. With smaller and sometimes numerous targets, our success and the success of our customers command accurate downhole position information.

At D&R Directional Services we know we are only as good as our last survey. Therefore, we are committed to service quality, safety, and deliverability in all types of drilling environments. We use innovation, technology-driven surveying tools that deliver the most reliable data possible to our customers; allowing D&R, our customers and colleagues to reap the benefits of D&R’s passion.

Performance Motors

The team at D&R Directional Services offers expertise in determining the appropriate motor type and design for each project, ensuring optimum performance during operations. Our motors operate within a wide spectrum of hole sizes, flow rates, and drilling conditions. We ensure that all motor configurations are suited to the specific drilling conditions for each application, which results in high penetration rates and excellent reliability.

Remote Steering

D&R Directional has developed remote monitoring solutions that can be customized to fit any project. This can range from monitoring of vertical wells to directionally drilling from a control center in Calgary with fewer or even no personnel on site.