DR - Shockwave
Positive Pulse MWD System


The DR-Shockwave is D&R’s leading system for the past twelve years. It uses a motor-driven pulse assembly to provide a reliable measurement of the boreholes position by sending the data through the drilling fluid column via pressure waves. On the surface, our instrumentation decodes this sequence and translates it into inclination, azimuth, tool face, and gamma information.



Retrievable and Reliable
High Performance
Two-Way Communication
On-Site Rig Display
Real-Time Shock and Vibration Data
Modular Design


All Directional Well Profiles
EM Prohibitive Formations
Unstable Formation Risks

Azimuth0 to 360°
Inclination0 to 180°
Toolface0 to 360°
Toolface Updates12 to 17 sec
Toolface w/ Gamma Updates26 to 38 sec
Full Survey with all Qualifiers170 sec
Short Survey135 sec
UBHO OD3.5 to 12 in89 to 305 mm
Probe OD1 7/8 in.47.625 mm
Tool Length (no Gamma Ray)23 ft7010 mm
Tool Length (w/ Gamma Ray)26 ft7937 mm
Collar ID2.68 in68 mm
Minimum Flow Rate103 GPM0.5m³/min
Maximum Flow Rate

1060 GPM4.0m³/min
Maximum Temperature
302° F150°C
Maximum Pressure

20 000 psi137.9 MPa
Mud Sand ContentRecommended less than 1%
Mud Sand ContentUp to 50 lb/bbl premixed Nut plug or Cedar Fiber

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