DR - One
Fully Retrievable Dual Telemetry System

DR-One is the combination of both Electromagnetic and Pulse Telemetry capability into one complete package. This allows you to drill deeper and faster while reducing the number of trips due to NPT. Our mud pulse section uses our legacy motor driven pulse assembly, D&R’s leading pulser assembly for over a decade. The EM transmitter has the latest innovations to handle even the most challenging formations and the surface receiver is capable of operating at higher speeds and at greater depths than ever thought capable. The dual aspect allows to quickly switch over to mud pulse telemetry and continue the drilling operations regardless of EM prohibitive formations.



High Performance
Fully Retrievable
Two-way Communication
Faster Data Rates
Reduced Survey Times
Reduced Risk to NPT
Increased Data Transmission Capacity


EM Challenged Areas
Tool Redundancy
Unstable Formations
Electrical Interferance


Azimuth0 to 360°±0.5°
Inclination0 to 180°±0.1°
Toolface0 to 360°±0.5°
UBHO OD3.5 to 12 in89 to 305 mm
Probe OD1 7/8 in47.625 mm
Tool Length (no Gamma Ray)23 ft7010 mm
Tool Length (w/ Gamma Ray)26 ft7937 mm
Collar ID2.68 in
68 mm
Minimum Flow Rate103 GPM0.5m³/min
Maximum Flow Rate1060 GPM4.0m³/min
Maximum Temperature
302° F
Maximum Pressure
20 000 psi

137.9 MPa

Mud Sand Content

Recommended less than 1%
Lost Circulation MaterialUp to 50 lb/bbl premixed Nut plug or Cedar Fiber