Rotary Steerable System


DR-SS is a push-the-bit rotary steerable system designed to increase drilling efficiency in a variety of conditions by eliminating the orientating and sliding time, reducing the cost of overall operations. It provides high performance and smooth doglegs while drilling towards your targets.



Dual Downlink Options from surface in any rig type
Reduces Drag
Improve ROP
Decreases Stick and Slip
Continuous Inclination and Azimuth Measurements
Reduces Non-Productive Time
Reduces Drill Time


Geo Steering
Unconventional Fields
Reduces Drilling Time/Maximize ROP
Eliminate Reamer Runs

DR-SS 475DR-SS 675
Nominal OD 4.75 in6.75 in
Hole Size5-3/4 in to 6-3/4 mm8-1/2 in to 8-3/4 mm
Overall Length13.5 m13.53 m
Build Rate0°- 8°/30 m0°- 8°/30 m
Max Operating Torque9,000 ft lbf (12,000 Nm)16,000 ft lbf (21,700 Nm)
Max Lost Circulation Material 35 lbm/bbl medium nut plug
50 lbm/bbl medium nut plug

Flow Range645 - 1,250 L/min946 - 3,590 L/min
Max Rotational Speed350 RPM350 RPM
Max Temperature302°F (150°C)302°F (150°C)
Max Hydrostatic Pressure20,000 psi (138 MPa)20,000 psi (138 MPa)
Mud Sand Content1% by volume1% by volume
Collar Upper Connection3-1/2 IF box
4-1/2 IF box
Bit Box3-1/2 Reg
4-1/2 Reg
Bit Box to Gamma Ray5.86 ft (1.79 m)6.40 ft (1.95 m)
Bit Box to Inclination6.73 ft (2.05 m)7.27 ft (2.21 m)
Bit Box to Azimuth8.83 ft (2.69 m)9.37 ft (2.85m)
Inclination Accuracy0.11 (at 1 sigma level)0.11 (at 1 sigma level)
Azimuth Accuracy1.8 at 90° inclination (at 1 sigma level) 1.8 at 90° inclination (at 1 sigma level)
Gamma Ray Accuracy, Azimuthal 4-quadrant ±5% (30-s averaging window)±5% (30-s averaging window)