Ron Williams

Technical Manager

Ron has been in the oil and gas industry for over 20 years. The past 18 years has been with directional drilling companies working at all levels of service from the field to office operations and management. He has been part of the D&R team since 2007.

Trevor McMurtrie

Optimization Engineer

Trevor has been a Drilling Engineer in Western Canada for 10 years. He has developed new and unique ways of visualizing data in order to optimize ROP and reduce drilling costs for our clients.

Geoff Rollins

Operations Coordinator

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Darryl Gogol

Senior Sales Representative

Darryl has been involved in the Directional Drilling industry for the past 28 years. Working his way through every position along the way to his most recent role as a senior sales representative. Receiving his formal training at Schlumberger, he changed gears over 12 years ago to bring his wealth of knowledge to the table since the early days of D&R.